Are you paid for this?

The only payment I receive is through sponsored posts or items that were gifted to me. I specify which posts are sponsored, and I do not accept a sponsorship from any brands that I do not support or do not feel is relevant to the content of my blog.

Did you create all of the recipes on your blog?

At this point, common recipes are all modifications of each other. The recipes that I post on my blog are ones that I have created and/or modified to fit my personal palate. 

Do you coach or create meal plans?

At this point in time, I only provide the recipes and resources on my blog posts. Check the various tabs and categories for information on meal ideas, workouts, and fitness tips.


Do you ever do contests or giveaways?

Yes! Follow me on my social media channels in order to get the most up-to-date information regarding any upcoming giveaways, contests, or challenge groups. 

Do you accept guest posts?

Yes! If you feel that you have content that would make a great addition to this website, please contact me. I respond to every message, so please be patient when waiting for a response.

Do you do any collaborations?

Oh, I would love to! I can work with you on any of my social media channels in order to collaborate and create some great content. I'd love to work with you on products, recipes, guest blogging, and even contests and giveaways. Contact me!