Beginner 5K Training Plan

Beginner 5K Training Plan


New to running? Want to try a 5K? I believe you are capable of completing a 5K, and if this is your first time, the beginner plan is perfect for you! You are in charge of listening to your body, and this plan gives you the flexibility to walk, jog, run, or even dance your way across the finish line.

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You: Interested in doing your first ever 5K, or maybe you just registered for one and are looking for a training plan or guide to tell you how to prepare for such a feat.

This training plan is perfect for beginners or those who are trying to figure out how to train for a 5K. This plan is very flexible, and encourages walking, jogging, running, or even dancing - because the goal is to finish a 5K, not win one. That comes later!