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NYC - Day 1 Recap

NYC - Day 1 Recap

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

05:00 PST - Lyft ride from my home to SeaTac (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport).

05:45 PST - Checked in for my flight, security, and grabbed a coffee and danish at the gate.

06:30 PST - Boarded a full flight, which was incredibly cramped with very little leg (and stomach) room. Nearly starved (I’m exaggerating), but I firmly believe a 7AM flight landing at 4:00PM local time should offer more than a Biscoff cookie.

07:00 PST - Electronics on airplane mode, departure time! I spent the flight doing homework for my bilingual education class. Note that my teeny tiny Macbook Air was bigger than the tray table and I typed with my elbows digging into my stomach.

16:00 EST - Touched down in NYC! I didn’t check any luggage so I breezed through the terminal and went straight for the taxi line. The attendant asked me where I was headed, I told her Midtown, and she printed me a ticket and told me to go to taxi #6. The driver placed my bag in the trunk and I hopped in.

The taxi had an entertainment screen. It cycled through about four or five short clips ranging from a couple Jeopardy questions to ads on reporting sexual assault to the NYPD. It was entertaining for a while, but I was more intrigued by what I saw outside the window.

We drove through various neighborhoods, zig-zagging through stop-and-go traffic while my driver chatted on the phone and watched foreign dramas on speaker. At some point I heard him say we were in Bushwick, at least that’s what I assumed by what I could pick out from a language I wasn’t very familiar with.

17:30 EST - We finally arrived at the hotel. My card was declined by his credit card reader, so I paid him in cash and walked in the doors. The concierge gave me my key card and I took the elevator up to my room.

The room itself was small. Like, dorm room small. But it was all I needed: a clean bed to sleep in, a private bathroom with a shower so I didn’t have to deal with commuting to the bathroom whenever I needed to go. I’ve done hostels before, but I just prefer it this way. I’m sure we all do.

It was quite cold in New York, I can’t remember exactly but I’d say it was in the low 30’s at that point, and the heating unit in the room was set to “Low-Cool.” I twisted one of the two knobs to the “Heat” setting, and turned the other knob to “Medium.” At a closer look, low = 0 degrees; and high = 100, so I figured 50 wouldn’t hurt. Nothing happened. I spent a solid 15 minutes turning knobs and changing the settings to see if anything would happen, but no luck. I gave up and told myself that if I froze in my sleep that night I would say something to the hotel staff in the morning.

18:00 EST - I unpacked my puffy down coat that I vacuum-sealed into my carry-on bag and grabbed my purse. I didn’t want to go off on too big of an adventure tonight so I gave myself three goals for the night: 1) find a grocery store or market to get bottled water and snacks for the hotel room, 2) get some real food, since the danish and Biscoff cookie were well-beyond digested at that point, and 3) check out Grand Central Terminal.

A nice, local grocery store was just a few minutes away. I walked into Morton-Williams Supermarket and went up and down every aisle. Anyone else love checking out supermarkets and convenience stores for local snacks? I picked up a bag of clementines, some rice cakes, chocolate-covered Hob Nobs, and bottled water, and went back to the hotel to drop them off in my room before heading the other direction to Grand Central.

18:30 EST - It was fairly easy to find Grand Central, the street numbering system is fairly straightforward and much easier to navigate than Seattle is, so it wasn’t long before I was wandering around Grand Central Market as well as the Holiday Market they had set up for the season. I also climbed up the central staircase (which led to an Apple Store) to snap some photos and a time lapse.

I was getting hungry.

19:00 EST - Shops were starting to close up for the night, so I decided to make my way back to a $0.99 pizza shop I saw on my way to Grand Central. I copied the guy in front me, ordering two slices (of cheese - I don’t know if this was all they had, but toppings were not mentioned whatsoever) in a box. He packed up my pizza and I made my way back to the room.

The pizza was so. good. I’ve always been a thin crust kind of girl, but this was everything I wanted in a plain ol’ slice of pizza. A nice, sturdy crust that folded in half to make holding it easier, not too much sauce that it spills out when you bite it, and a good amount of browning on the cheese so that it’s chewy but not stringy.

20:00 EST - I took a shower and settled into the room. Watched a little TV before drying my hair and going to sleep. The next day was going to be a long one!

NYC - Day 2 Recap

NYC - Day 2 Recap

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