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NYC - Day 3 Recap

NYC - Day 3 Recap

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It was a mix of people who were there to pray, and others (like myself) who were just there to look. I’m a Christian, so I didn’t feel the need to stop at each of the altars for the saints and holy figures that lined the edges of the room, but I didn’t want to be taking photos and videos of them out of respect for those who were there to pray.

After dropping off my things, I went back to Times Square, watched some street performers for a little bit, and then headed to the Broadhurst Theater to see Anastasia the Musical. It was the highlight of my day! Such an amazing show, and definitely worth seeing if you happen to get a chance!

Finally, I stopped by Rockefeller Plaza to see the lights of the tree and buildings without all the crowds from the lighting ceremony the day before. Did you know that the star on the top of the tree is a 9-foot Swarovski piece, weighing almost a thousand pounds? Also, each of the 3-MILLION crystals were HAND. TWEEZED. by 12 people over the past TWO YEARS. My mind is blown. Oh, let me add that there is a replica of it on the ground for people to see it up close and personal.

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First thing - I checked out the view from my hotel’s rooftop. I heard it was a pretty nice one. It was! I imagine it’s pretty poppin’ in the summer when people can hang out without losing feeling in their extremities.

I wanted to check out another holiday market, so I walked down to Bryant Park and took a gander at their offerings. The vendors here were super friendly but never invaded your space so you didn’t feel pressure to buy anything. The crowds weren’t that bad, and I managed to walk away with just a few post cards and pins (I only had a carry on so souvenirs had to be small!).

Then I went to Joe’s Pizza to grab a slice of white pizza. It was pretty good! I had always wanted to try white pizza, and I heard Joe’s was the place to try it from, so I waited in line outside in the cold - don’t worry, the line moves quick! - and got my slice. You place your order as you approach the counter from one end so they can pop it in the oven for you. Then by the time you reach the cash register, you’ll have a warm slice handed to you! Nice touch!

I did a little more shopping in Times Square before deciding to drop off some things at my hotel. On my way back, I stopped into St Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue since I noticed the doors were open. There was a security screening with metal detectors and bag checks, but after you pass through you’re welcome to explore the cathedral.

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