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My Current Workout Split

My Current Workout Split

Since I'm one of the lucky ones who is blessed with a WONDERFUL commute to work each morning (I'm being sarcastic), I also am blessed with a gym location that is actually smack dab in the middle between my house and my job (not being sarcastic). So the act of skipping the gym (on a work day) would actually require me to drive past my gym and I can't handle the guilt that comes from that, which means I'm at the gym at least five days a week. I've also been trying to go on weekends as well because I have a bad habit of taking multiple rest days when I decide to take one.

But I also know that exercising every single day (at least the kind that I like to do) can be disastrous on your muscle recovery as well as overall health, so if I do end up at the gym all seven days of the week, I make at least two of them "active recovery" days which means I do some kind of low intensity cardio like walking or spinning (without resistance).

I typically will do strength on 3-5 days of the week, and cardio on all (alternating between high intensity as well as low intensity), and lately my weeks have been looking something like this:


Sunday: Active Recovery - 30-60 minutes of walking and/or cycling

Monday: LEGS, GLUTES, and Cardio - 45 minutes strength; 30 minutes leg-focused cardio like incline treadmill squats, stair climber, etc.

Tuesday: BACK, ABS, and Cardio - 45 minutes strength; 30 minutes interval jogging

Wednesday: ARMS, SHOULDERS, and Cardio - 45 minutes strength; 15 minutes HIIT (deadmill sprints); 15 minutes power walk and cool down

Thursday: Body Weight Strength and Cardio - 30 minutes body weight exercises like planks, crunches, push ups, assisted pull ups; 30 minutes interval jogging or stair climber. I'll focus on body parts that I feel like didn't get a good enough workout during the week

Friday: Active Recovery - 30-60 minutes of walking and/or cycling

Saturday: Supplemental Strength and Cardio - Trying out new strength moves like practicing my wall climb/muscle ups, lower back strength, etc; 30-45 minutes of interval jogging and other medium intensity cardio


Obviously this routine is not set in stone, but this has typically been what I've been doing for the past few weeks and it's working for me so far. What do your splits look like?

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